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The ‘stickers’ in the world of WhatsApp are everywhere, also in WhatsApp Web. Their popularity since their inclusion has not waned and today they are used by practically everyone. They have become one of the perfect elements to express moods and a revolution that has been ousting the reign of emoticons little by little.

The platform is aware of the impact that ‘stickers’ have on WhatsApp conversations and has launched a new tool to create our custom stickers when we are using the application from a computer that we can use from next week.

We are for cases of gender-based violence.

However, he detailed, there are even specific situations of sexual violence in which the complaints “do not exceed 2 or 3%” and others in which “until recently there were hardly any complaints” such as, for example, abuses committed in educational or religious institutions.

To obtain conclusions “we had to see the other side of the coin” which are not only the official data of complaints, but they resorted to “surveys” in different areas and to victims “who are the ones that help to see that the vast majority do not report”.

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“But this awareness does not mean that it is easy to eradicate these behaviors, there is no vaccine for that,” he stressed, although “it is important to bring to light the cases that occur, and that is happening as never before.

Because, he repeated, “it is important to have a real picture of sexual violence” that “is not based on opinions or anecdotes, which are things that lead us to false impressions” and “complicate the prevention work that must be done based on what is happening”.

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(*) Data from the State Security Forces and Corps, Navarra Foral Police and local police that provide data to the Crime Statistical System are included. Data from the Ertzaintza and the Mosos d’Esquadra are not included.

The document also addresses the protection of the privacy of victims of harassment at work and of women survivors of gender violence and determines that their personal data, and in particular their identity, are generally considered special categories of personal data and, in any case, are sensitive data requiring enhanced protection.

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Gender Violence

You can also denounce in the Offices of Violence of both localities, where beyond taking the complaint, they must advise you in order that you can obtain adequate and timely attention in the judicial field (Law 2785). It is no longer necessary to ratify the complaint, but it is good to contact you to have more tools.

Due to the Social, Preventive and Mandatory Isolation, these offices are attending by phone, until the necessary protection measures are taken. If you cannot call, send a message asking them to call you back.

It is important that after making the report, precautionary measures are applied to protect you immediately, from the cessation of the aggression, to restrictions of approach, expulsion of the aggressor from the house and police patrols. Also, in case you have suffered injuries, the Public Prosecutor’s Office should intervene to initiate criminal proceedings: SMA 2972 43117 and JA 2972 495070.

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For complaints of 2785 you do not need a lawyer, the Family Court intervenes directly. For 2786 complaints, the Civil Defender’s Office and the Civil Court intervene. If the complaint is criminal, it is the Prosecutor’s Office that intervenes in your defense.