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Riots Los Angeles 1992

I guess it’s that empathy, that ability to feel that really makes us human, and on this particular Detroit also has something to say. It is perhaps its most publicized question, one as old as science fiction itself and a wall against which both good old Spielberg and Isaac Asimov himself have butted heads. Few have faced the subject with such integrity, although if I had to highlight something it would be the courage to dare to ask not only what it means to be human, but also what it means not to be human. Daring to question whether it is only belonging to that club that grants dignity, whether being able to feel pain implies the right not to suffer it, whether the right not to suffer or freedom itself are exclusive to our species. “One planet, two races” reads one of the slogans that Markus paints on the window of a slave boutique, and I find it hard not to get excited, because it would have been extremely easy to fall into the opposite discourse, to deny the difference and make a little movie about robots who aspire to be human. It’s not what they shout when they walk through the streets with their hands up. They just shout “we are alive”. It’s something to think about.

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Detroit: become human actors

Mental experiments on the electronic mind; acid drenched beats, sci-fi eroticism, Detroit, esoteric house, analog cinematic madness, deep funk and altered states in darkwave disco jam. These are the vortex sounds of Erico Falcone.

Videodrome’s Groove Remote edition comes from distant sonic echoes, which tropicalize the sound, hiding at times the terror it brings behind it. Here, the change of sound in turn brings a change in the atmosphere: terror becomes mystery, taking the manifest to latency.

Anna Maria Sommer’s Sax version begins with violent, explicit spasms that die away as we move away from them, making our hearts pound as the sound does the same. Terror and fear merge with the saxophone in idyllic science fiction ways.

This combination ends up taking Videodrome to Olympian places and unparalleled futuristic and utopian retro times, completing an incredible release. Everything always in slow and sensual coordinates, both frightening and exciting, in the midst of darkness and mind-blowing purple neon colors.

Detroit 1967

And given the magnificent result of Detroit: Become Human we thank Quantic Dream for their stubbornness, that David Cage and his team have continued to bet on a formula that thanks to the accumulated experience and technological advances has reached full maturity, being undoubtedly the best game of the French studio, despite having lost the surprise factor that did have Heavy Rain (2010), a game with which positively Detroit has many similarities.

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In this context begin to emerge divergent, androids that for unknown reasons get consciousness and feelings and begin to rebel against humans, something that aggravates the social unrest and fuels the fear of a massive rebellion by machines. A not too original argument that we have already seen in many science fiction works (Blade Runner, Artificial Intelligence, Ex-Machina or Westworld, to name a few popular films and series), and that gives rise to many interesting reflections as well as all kinds of social criticism, something that we had rarely seen treated with so much maturity and intelligence in a video game.

Detroit: become human metacritic

82nd Airborne Division:5 wounded101st Airborne Division:3 woundedMichigan Army National Guard:1 killed55 woundedMichigan State Police:67 woundedDetroit Police Department:1 killed214 woundedDetroit Fire Department:2 killed134 wounded.

The Detroit Riots of 1967, also known as the 12th Street Riots or the Detroit Rebellion of 1967, were the bloodiest race riots of the “long, hot summer of 1967.”[1] Composed primarily of clashes between black people and police, it began in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 23, 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. The precipitating event was a police raid on an unlicensed after-hours bar, then known as a speakeasy, on the city’s Near West Side. This event erupted into one of the deadliest and most destructive riots in U.S. history, lasting five days and surpassing the violence and property destruction of the 1943 race riot.

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